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my 2009 will be end December 28, 2009

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Toward the end of the year like this, it’s not bad if I did not write about what has happened in this year. 2009. As the material for my own evaluation of course.

2009 .. made many changes in my life, feelings of losing a very, very tender to be accepted, that inspires the meeting after three years of not meeting that ended with tears derail unable to stand against his own feelings, loss of status as a student, until the meeting of two souls love.

Leaving the place where we have to feel comfortable is hurt. This year, taught me a lot of dramatic events, full of tears, and a sense of regret. I failed the college entrance exams leading country in Indonesia made me shattered pieces too. Depression made me feel at the lowest point in life. Disappointing and disappointed.

And fortunately, I met someone who can give the color in my life. Taught me the reality of life that we must accept. Makes me get up and do not give up again. I am a senior who became the older brother and a teacher for me and is now a reliable partner. I know him so very well and he did too. Makes me feel free and brave to go back. Not only, he felt happy together but also we often disagree, but it was the one who made us knows us characters each. In this connection one can not say without disabilities. I understand that some of our actions are distorted. But it was the one who made us aware that we do not have to like this constantly. This is to be our resolution for the next.

This year was a memorable year, in addition to my disappointment over her failed I went to a top university this year. Why? Yeah you are right about the meeting of my dreams since the last one three years since my last meeting with him, someone who once loved and disappointing. Stupid before I met my soul mate right now, I still expect it. No matter how many times I dreamed about it. But I know he never existed. Abstract. Very abstract. The meeting made my heart kept pounding. Until I can not control it. Preparation for the preparation before meeting him, making me a crazy person for a moment. My old disease relapse. I still can’t to face off, he’s response to me highly inappropriate for the size of the old people do not see. Again, I look stupid than I am writing this. But all it taught me, how I do not want him there in my life. And his curiosity would have ended up at a time when it was.

And 2009 will end, I’m remembered as the year self-improvement, and forget something that needs to be forgotten. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010. I can not wait waited for.


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